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    Wholesale Program

    Let your customers know you sell car lifts- check out our UCL Promo Pack.

    UCL has wholesale programs for all levels of resale. Rim and tire shops,
    custom shops, internet resellers, and catalog resellers are encouraged to
    inquire about our program. We offer fixed rate pricing based on volume of
    purchases and can custom quote large one time purchases. For Internet and
    catalog resellers we have drop shipment available from over $1,000,000 worth
    of in stock inventory. Over night shipments available and same day shipping if
    ordered before 5pm is standard.

    Wholesale accounts have access to exclusive promotional materials including
    full color catalogs with pricing tailored to your specifications, trifold mailer
    brochures, and large wall posters to help in selling product.

    As our network of installation dealers continues to grow, we will update our
    site to include a full list of authorized resellers and installers. We will also
    direct customers purchasing our products to their most local installation
    facility with documentation for your shop placed in each package we sell being
    shipped to customers in your area. Being a Universal Car Lifts dealer means
    more than just getting pricing breaks on the products we sell. We work with
    you to promote and advertise your rim and tire or custom shop and give you
    direct leads on customers looking for installation work in your area.

    If you’re interested in learning more about Universal Car Lifts dealer and
    wholesale program, please email us or call 1-877-366-5543

    Car rim wheel tire lift kit direct from manufacturer