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T-Pain’s 67 Chevy Impala

Watch T-Pain show off his 1969 Chevy Impala in this YouTube clip. This Impala is running 26 inch rims with 275/25/R26 low profile tires. The video starts off by showing the incredible candy red paint job. The shine on this paint is ridiculous. It looks like the buffer spent hours shining it out.

The interior of the car is shown next. Red and cream colored leather are used to finish the interior. Custom Nappy Boy logos are embroidered in the door panels and in the rear deck lid. The interior is as clean as you could image. Not overdone and fully functional. The dash shows the OEM gauges and T-Pain insists a digital upgrade is coming soon.

A look at the trunk of the car shows a giant T-pain mural air brushed in to the paint job. The attention to detail on the paint work is amazing. Note how T-pain is wearing some expensive looking jewelry in the air brushed rendition! The mural looks so life like you can almost see the jewels shine.

As T-Pain moves around the car, he drops down to take a peak at the Universal Car Lifts 5″ suspension lift kit installed underneath. The kit features heavy duty adjustable rear trailing arms combined with springs finished in a candy apple red powder coating. The attention to detail on the suspension is insane. Its so clean under there you could gladly eat your lunch off the suspension.

This car, like many of T-Pain’s, is one of a kind. You can tell he drives it often and why not? The car is clean, has plenty of power, a good wheel and tire combination, and a suspension system that rides and handles great. At the car show or cruising down the boulevard, this car is sure to turn many heads.

Credit goes to Automotive Extremes for the work on this whip. The team at Automotive Extremes turns out some of the dopest whips the south has ever seen. If your looking for a competent shop to work on your next donk project, we highly recommend looking them up.

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