Are you trying to put 22″ or larger wheels on your car? In most cases, you will need to lift the car to accomplish this. Universal Car Lifts sells a wide range of “donk” style lifts. These lifts all feature bolt-in installation and range in size from 2 inches up to 17 inches of height. Components of the kit may include lift struts, cups, springs, trailing arms, control arms, sway bar kits, lift shocks, air shocks, drive line upgrades and more.

Kits available for most vehicles

We stock car lift kits for Chevy Caprice, Impala, Delta 88, Monte Carlo, Regal, Cutlass, Belair, most Cadillac, Crown Victoria, Marquis, Town Car…. pretty much any rear wheel drive car 1965 or newer. We also have custom lift struts for most front wheel drive cars like Cadillac, new Impala, Maxima, Bonneville and more.

If you do not see your application listed, please email us as we have lifts for most cars on the road today. If we do not stock a lift for your car, we can often design a custom kit for you to fit virtually any size rim.

UCL is the world leader in car lift kit technology. We have bolt-on kits available to fit any size up to 32″ rims on most cars. UCL parts are built to the highest standards. Oversize, thick steel construction is combined with CNC precision cut and formed parts make our products the finest built in the world. Engineers carefully design all of our products to work right the first time.

Most of our products come with a shiny gloss black powder coat finish. Most packages ship the same day from inventory. All of our products come with detailed step-by-step installation manuals. Your complete 100% satisfaction is our priority. Our sales and technical support line is available Monday through Friday for any questions you may have during your install.