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Rides Magazine Lift Kit Install Article

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Rides Magazine did a write up on how to install one of our car lift kits. The article showed a box Chevy getting a 7″ Universal Car Lifts complete kit installed. Our 7″ kit includes lift spacer cups, extended front control arms, adjustable rear trailing arms and extended shock absorbers. As an option, customers can add bushings and ball joints. This project used the complete kit with bushings, ball joints and cross shafts installed. The entire job took about 7 hours total. A brief overview of the installation process is outlined below.

Overview of how to install the car lift kit:

  1. Raise vehicle in the air.
  2. Support the lower front A arm with a jack.
  3. Disconnect the lower balljoint.
  4. Unbolt the shock absorber.
  5. Slowly lower the jack supporting the lower A arm.
  6. Disconnect the upper control arm. Support the spindle if necessary.
  7. Install new extended upper control arms.
  8. Reconnect spindle to upper ball joint.
  9. Tighten spring compressor to spring.
  10. Place spring with lift cup in car. Trim cup if necessary.
  11. Raise up jack supporting lower A arm.
  12. Reconnect lower balljoint.
  13. Bolt shock absorbers in place.
  14. Support rear differential with jack.
  15. Disconnect rear shocks.
  16. Lower jack supporting rear differential.
  17. Support rear axle.
  18. Disconnect factory rear trailing arms.
  19. Install new extended rear trailing arms.
  20. Install lift cups between springs and spring perch.
  21. Raise jack supporting rear differential.
  22. Reconnect shock absorbers.
  23. Adjust rear trailing arms to set correct pinion angle.


After installing the kit, it is recommended that you bring the car to an alignment shop. We recommend sticking with the factory alignment specifications. It is always important to check the suspension components after 100 miles of use to make sure everything is still properly aligned and tightened. Universal Car Lifts kits are power coated in a durable gloss black finish to provide years of maintenance free use. Most parts feature a lifetime warranty against manufacturers defects.


More information about lifting your car to fit rims

UCL has complete suspension lift kits to install a variety of wheel sizes from 22’s to 34’s. Complete suspension packages are available for most front wheel drive and rear wheel drive vehicles on the road. Some of the applications include:

  • 71-96 Caprice, Impala, Delta 88, LeSabre, Roadmaster, Bonneville, Catalina, Grandville, Parisienne, Belair, Biscayne, Kingswood, Townsman, Brookwood, Safari, Centurion and estate
  • 78-88 Monte Carlo, Cutlass, Regal, Century, El Camino, Malibu, Bonneville, Grand Am, Grand Prix, LeMans and Caballero
  • 64-72 Cutlass, Monte Carlo, Chevelle, GTO, Regal, Malibu, Skylark, Tempest, El Camino Grand Am, Century, LeMans, Gransport, Gs, Special, Sport, Nomad, SS, 442, F85, Vista Cruiser, Grand Prix, Ventura, Sprint, and Beaumont
  • 73-77 Cutlass, Monte Carlo, Chevelle, GTO, Grand Am, Century, Tempest, El Camino, Grand Am, Sprint, Centurion, F85, LeMans, Regal, Laguna, Malibu, Vista Cruiser, 442, Grand Prix and Gransport
  • 65-70 Caprice, Impala, Belair, Biscayne, LeSabre, Executive, Safari, Kingswood, Townsman, and Brookwood
  • 79-11 Ford Crown Vic, Mercury Grand Marquis, Lincoln Continental, Ford Country Squire, Mark VI and Lincoln Town Car
  • All rear wheel drive and front wheel drive Cadillac’s like Brougham, CTS, DTS, STS, DeVille, SeVille, ElDorado and Fleetwood
  • Dodge / Chrysler LX platform which includes Dodge Magnum, 300c, Charger and Challenger
  • Virtually every car on the road

If you do not see your application listed on the site, contact us for a complete application listing. Need help fitting 22, 24, 26, 28, 30, 32 or 34 inch rims on your whip? Look no further than Universal Car Lifts.


UCL has kits to fit virtually any tire size

22″ Rim and tire combos:

235/30-22 275/35-22 285/40-22 305/40-22
255/30-22 275/40-22 285/45-22 305/45-22
255/35-22 275/45-22 295/25-22 315/25-22
265/30-22 275/50-22 295/30-22 325/35-22
265/35-22 285/25-22 295/40-22 325/50-22
265/40-22 285/30-22 305/25-22 335/25-22
275/25-22 285/35-22 305/30-22
  • 245/30ZR22
  • 265/30R22
  • 265/40R22
  • 285/25R22
  • 285/40R22
  • 295/25R22
  • 305/25R22
  • 305/35R22
  • 315/25ZR22

24″ Rim and tire combos:

255/30-24 285/35-24 305/35-24
275/25-24 285/40-24 315/35-24
285/30-24 295/35-24 325/45-24
  • 255/30R24
  • 275/35R24
  • 295/25R24
  • 295/30ZR24

26″ Rim and tire combos:

  • 255/30ZR26
  • 275/25ZR26
  • 295/30ZR26
  • 305/30ZR26
  • 315/40R26

28″ Rim and tire combos:

  • 275/25ZR28
  • 295/25ZR28
  • 325/35R28

30″ Rim and tire combos:

  • 255/30R30
  • 315/20ZR30

32″ Rim and tire combos:

  • 305/25ZR32


Examples of the types of cars you can lift