Universal Car Lift Kit Installation DVD Instruction Manual

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Our installation DVD shows you how to install your lift kit the right way. Chapters include how to measure, lift cup / spring installation, front arm installation, rear arm installation, and lift spindle installation. Professionally produced and edited with lots of detailed information on how to get your ride lifted sky high. UCL is the first and only company to offer you this installation DVD. Lifting cars is not always the easiest thing to do in the world and this informative DVD makes things a thousand times easier. DVD included free with most of our complete lift kits.


Sample Clip From Video – How To Figure Out How Much Lift You Need


Actual Screen Shots From Video


Showing how to remove and install an upper control arm in a caprice, impala, 88, cutlass, grand prix and regal.

Installing Front Control Arms


Removing the coil springs to install the lift spacer cups in front suspension of car.

Removing Springs From The Car


Using an H press to install bushings in a front upper control A arm in car.

Pressing In Bushings


Using a spring compressor to install coil springs in a donk, box or bubble caprice or impala.

Compressing And Installing The Springs