Metal Spring Spacers For Coil Spring Suspensions Front Only 3 to 5 Inches Lift

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    UCL front universal coil spring lift kit for pretty much any car with front coil springs in it. This kit installs under your factory coil springs and uses your factory shocks. Clear 22 inch up to 26 inch rims and tires with this kit (measure to be sure).

    Universal car lift kits fit Carpice’s, Cutlass, Monte Carlo, Impala, Regal, Malibu, Belair, Crown Vic, etc. Kit comes with 4 cups, installation DVD and instructions. Most people could handle installation with a few basic hand tools and a jack. Durable black powder coat finish and lifetime warranty come standard.

    UCL front end lift kits for cars are the best built on the market- huge over-sized tubing combined with CNC precision cut parts and massive welds, black powder coat finish and free install DVD all come standard. We guarantee our parts to be the best money can buy!

    A basic overview of how to install the lift cups:

    1. Raise your vehicle in the air.
    2. Support the front lower control arm with a jack.
    3. Disconnect the lower ball joint.
    4. Disconnect the shock absorber.
    5. Carefully lower the jack supporting the lower control arm.
    6. Install spring compressor on spring.
    7. Install spring with lift cup in to car. Trim cup if necessary.
    8. Raise jack supporting lower control arm.
    9. Reconnect lower ball joint.
    10. Reinstall shock absorbers.

    How much lift will I get?

    These universal lift cups are designed to give you up to 5 inches of lift. We send them out set up for around 5 inches of lift. You can get less lift by simply cutting a little off the bottom of the cup. You can do this with a hack saw or similar metal cutting saw. These cups will give you 3 to 5 inches of total lift depending on how much you cut off. If you use these lift cups with our tubular front control arms, you can get up to 7 inches of lift.

    You can not use these spacer cups with lift springs or any other type of spring spacer. The car can only fit so much extra spacer before it bottoms out. We recommend at least 5 inches of lift if you plan on running 24’s or bigger. Most customers end up needing more lift than they think. That is why we highly recommend our tubular front control arms when using these spring spacer lift cups.

    Detailed installation instructions included

    A  more detailed instruction manual, including photos, comes with kit. Also included is an installation DVD to show you step by step how to install a complete car lift kit. We recommend running these cups with our extended front control arms and extended lift shocks. The front arms will keep your alignment straight. Extended length shock absorbers will allow additional travel and are also recommended when lifting. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us via phone or email.

    Please specify year, make, and model when ordering.