Custom Made Strut Top Spacers For Any Vehicle Set Of 4 Lift Kit

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Universal Car Lifts can build custom strut spacers for virtually every application imaginable. Our strut spacers are precision cut using state of the art equipment and welded by certified welding professionals. We can build the spacers to any specification you desire, including custom height spacers and offset spacers.

Have a car with strut suspension and need a lift kit? Want some extra boost for extra load carrying capacity? Need extra ground clearance? Want to fit 22, 24, 26, 28 or 30 inch rims on your ride without hacking apart the fenders? These custom strut spacers could be what you’re looking for.

  • Custom built for your specific vehicle
  • Built from heavy duty steel
  • Welded by certified welding professionals
  • Computer designed for a perfect fit
  • UCL builds more car strut spacers than anyone in the world
  • Fastest shipping available
  • Lifetime warranty against manufacturers defects

All Universal Car Lifts custom strut spacers are built from rugged steel and welded with precise alignment. With this product, we include four (4) custom built strut spacers, all necessary mounting hardware and detailed installation instructions for your vehicle. Putting the strut spacers on your vehicle is straight forward and typically takes an hour or two. In most applications, installation can be preformed with basic hand tools in a home garage.

Our custom built strut spacers come finished in gloss black. The included hardware is zinc plated to resist corrosion. All Universal Car Lifts products come with a lifetime warranty against manufacturers defects. Rest assured that you are getting parts that will last a lifetime. The spacers are extremely durable and will not fail.

There are some things you should be aware of when using strut spacers. If you plan on running a larger diameter rim and tire combo, you may have issues with the tire hitting the bottom of the strut spring mounting plate. The strut spacers will lift your vehicle, but they install on the top of the strut. So if your tire hits your bottom spring perch, these will not work. It is important to have the correct offset rim to correct this issue. Another alternative is to use wheel spacers to get the tire farther from the spring perch.

We also offer modified struts- the modified struts are extended at the bottom of the strut so that your tire won’t hit the spring perch. Check out our universal modified struts here and here. We custom build the modified struts for virtually all vehicles on the road. It is what most people are using for fitting larger diameter rims on their vehicles. If your looking for just a little extra ground clearance, the strut spacers are the best option. If you want to fit bigger rims and tires, the modified struts are better in most situations.

  • Strut spacers give you extra clearance with stock wheels
  • Modified struts give you extra clearance so your tires don’t hit your struts
  • Some vehicles have enough clearance so that modified struts are not necessary
  • Contact us if you’re not sure

WARNING! We do not recommend ordering any size over 1-3/4″ tall spacers for your vehicle unless you plan on doing advanced custom modifications to the car. You will NOT be able to install anything taller than 1-3/4″ spacers. The spacers will lift your car more than the height of the spacer. For example, if you order a 1-1/2″ tall spacer it will lift your car approximately 2 inches. This is due to how the suspension geometry works in the vehicle. It will lift it more than the spacer height. If you want a spacer that is easy to install and rides best, we recommend going no more than a 1-1/4″ tall spacer. See chart in the photos for more information. We can not accept returns on custom built spacers.

Our custom strut spacers are a special order item and typically take a few business days to build and ship to you. Although usually shipped in a day or two, we ask that you allow us up to 5 business days for shipping. If you need the parts sooner, please give us a call and we will see if it is possible to expedite them. Note that your custom built strut spacers may look slightly different than the photos shown, due to differences in vehicle design.