95-02 Crown Victoria, Marquis & Town Car Extended Front Control Arms

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UCL adjustable upper control arms for 1995-2002 Ford Crown Victoria, Mercury Grand Marquis, and Lincoln Town Car. These arms are designed to be used when lifting your car to eliminate tire “bow in” or negative camber that makes the top of the tire tilt inwards when lifting. This will keep your alignment straight and prevent the inside of your expensive tires from wearing faster. Will work with our UCL universal spring lift kits and all other brand kits / springs in 3″ up to 12″ lifts.


Heavy duty extended front control arms for your 95-02 Crown Vic, Marquis and Town Car

Universal Car Lifts arms are built from ridiculously oversize 1/2″ thick solid steel! There are NO arms that can compare to the strength, quality, and design of UCL. The arms include our CNC machined super ball joints and are fully adjustable for camber via threaded bushing ends. Ball joints are factory rebuild-able.


Lifetime warranty and durable black powder coat finish are included

Durable black powder coat finish and lifetime warranty come standard. You will need to reuse your stock bushings or purchase new ones. Remember to add the bushings! Most shops and customers agree that the installation time and stress levels are greatly reduced when you have us install the bushings in your arms. Simply select the option that says “Installed In Kit”.


Works with most lift systems available

These extended front arms work with most lift kits using lift springs or lift spacer cups. Looking for the whole kit? UCL offers these arms as part of a 3″ to 10″ complete suspension lift kit. Also available for this application is a gorilla kit (uses springs instead of lift cups), rear trailing arms and big brake kit upgrade systems.



  • “Not Included” = You will need to get your own bushings from a part store.
  • “Included In Kit” = The Kit will come with the bushings.
  • “Installed In Kit” = The kit will come with the bushings installed in the arms, ready to bolt on to the car. Customers agree this is the best option!