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    12″ complete suspension lift kit for 1991-1996 Chevy Caprice, Impala and Buick Roadmaster. Check fitment guide on this page for exact year and model fitments. This kit installs under your factory coil springs to lift your car 12 inches! Clear 22 inch up to 28 inch rims and tires with this kit (measure to be sure).


    A complete lift kit for big rims on a Bubble Caprice

    Comes with front lift cups, extended length adjustable front control arms, extended lift shocks, rear custom bolt-in spring lift cups with shock relocators, Extended length adjustable rear trailing arms, UCL fabricated bolt-in caprice lift spindles, extended length brake lines, brake rotors, calipers, brake pads, bearings, seals, installation manual and full install DVD. This kit includes adjustable control arms for the front of the car to eliminate the negative camber (where the wheel tilts inwards towards the top) that is caused when lifting a car. Also included are the rear adjustable trailing arms to keep the wheel centered in the wheel well and drive shaft angle correct. The adjustable arms will keep your tires from wearing excessively on the inside and will keep your alignment on straight.


    Durable powder coated finish and lifetime warranty are included with this kit

    UCL parts are built out of rugged over-sized steel of the highest quality and craftsmanship. Parts have a durable black powder coat finish and lifetime warranty. Remember to add the Bushings and Ball joints! Most shops and customers agree that the installation time and stress levels are greatly reduced when you have us INSTALL the Bushings and Ball joints. Simply select the option that says “Installed In Kit”.


    Some notes about this application for Bubble Caprice

    Note: This kit clears most 26’s on 91-96 B-bodies with no cutting of the fenders. We recommend measuring to make sure you have enough lift for your particular rim/tire combination.  The spindles with this kit eliminate the function of the ABS system on the vehicle.



    • “Not Included” = You will need to get your own Bushings and Ball joints from a part store.
    • “Included In Kit” = The Kit will come with the Bushings and Balljoints (no cross shafts). You will need to install the bushings and ball joints.
    • “Installed In Kit” = The kit will come with the cross shafts and all the bushings and ball joints INSTALLED!! Customers agree this is the best option.