77-96 GM B Body High Riser 13″ To 17″ Lift Kit Impala Caprice & More

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Complete high riser lift kit for 1977-1996 Caprice, Impala, Buick LeSabre, Buick Electra, Oldsmobile Custom Cruiser, Delta 88, Parisienne, Roadmaster, Buick Estate, Pontiac Bonneville, Oldsmobile 98, Catalina, Pontiac Safari and Chevy Belair. This kit is designed for those who want to ride “over the tire” and do not want to cut their car body or frame. If you want to drive and turn correctly without hacking up your car, you need a big kit!


Guaranteed to clear your rims with full U turn

So you want a lift kit that’s GUARANTEED to clear your wheels and tires? NO CUT, NO RUB with a FULL U TURN? GOT 30’S or 32’s and need a bolt on kit tomorrow so you can get to a show for the weekend? Here is THE KIT you have been waiting for. When putting 26″ or larger wheels on your Box Chevy or Bubble with no cut, you must lift the car over the wheel wells. This is so the tires do not come in contact with the inner fenders and frame. This kit solves that problem by raising the car a full 13″ to 17″.


High quality parts for years of trouble free use

This kit is the combined efforts of over 7 years of research, development and testing. Every detail of the construction and design of the kit was carefully planed to develop the highest quality kit that maintains the best in ride and handling. All parts are over sized and over engineered to provide durability for years to come. Once installed properly, the kit will ride similar to stock. The car will be higher in the air but still maintain reasonable handling.


Complete package deal with everything you need

The kit includes everything you need to do the full lift job on the car (minus extended drive shaft- sold separately). Parts include frame cross member, fabricated spindles, adjustable rear trailing arms, extended lift shocks, extended brake lines, dropped sway bar kit, lift spacer brackets, shock relocator brackets and all necessary hardware for the job. The parts are built to precise specifications and constructed from quality grade steel.


Big brake upgrade kit included with this kit

When designing and testing the kit we found the stock braking system on the car to be inadequate so we also are including a 12″ large diameter high performance front big brake kit. The brake kit alone is valued at over $750 and includes new brake rotors, calipers, high performance pads, bearings, seals and all necessary mounting hardware for installation. The installation manual details the exact installation process of putting together the spindles with brake components. The bearings and seal are heavy duty for long life. Note: On 91-96 vehicles, the ABS system is bypassed when using this kit.


Detailed installation manual included

The installation of this kit is fairly easy with the very detailed step-by-step 12 page illustrated instruction manual and no spring compressor is required for installation. We estimate around 10-25 man hours for installation time. The basics of the front installation include installing the front cross member, assembling / installing the spindles, installing the front lift cups, dropped sway bar kit and brake line extensions. For the rear, install the longer trailing arms, rear lift spacer cups and longer rear brake line. The 17″ kit also includes some relocation brackets for the rear that bolt to the frame and factory trailing arm mount locations.


Wheel offset information / back space info

Note: You will need to run a wheel with 4-1/2″ of backspace or less to use this kit. Check out this guide on how to measure back spacing.


Black powder coated finish and lifetime warranty on parts

UCL’s new 13″ to 17″ complete bolt on lifts are hands down the highest quality, best designed, easiest to install lifts on the market. Black powder coat finish and lifetime warranty come standard.


Air suspension options available with this kit

Interested in setting up your ride with front, back and side to side? UCL offers this kit with air suspension options to bolt on bags. Control is via a 10 switch box.