09-14 Nissan Maxima Lift Kit Struts for 22-28 Inch Rims

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Strut modification lift kit for your 2009-2014 Nissan Maxima

Are you looking for how to fit 24’s, 26’s or 28’s on your Nissan Maxima? Need extra clearance for big wheels or just want some additional ground clearance? UCL modified struts are what you are looking for. The struts work similar to your factory units but are designed to give you an extra boost in height.

This strut mod lift kit gives you 3 inches of extra lift from your front wheel drive. Bolt-on custom lift struts for front wheel drive 2009-2014 Nissan Maxima with strut style suspension in the front and springs / shocks in the rear. Struts feature proper alignment geometry to get your wheels riding straight. Modification sections are CNC cut and feature adjustable alignment settings including camber curve. These specially designed struts will lift your car without your tire tilting inwards at the top, keeping your expensive low profile tires from wearing out.


  • “Bare Struts” = You will need to either use the components from your stock struts or buy new ones, and you will need to assemble the struts yourself.
  • “Loaded Struts” = The Kit will come with complete, ready-to-install modified struts. They come pre-assembled with a bearing plate, upper and lower spring isolators, upper spring seat, coil spring, boot kit, and a premium strut.


Extra clearance for 22″ to 30″ diameter rims

The modified lift struts will move your lower spring mount up 3 inches, providing extra clearance for your tires to clear. This is the most common problem with lifting Nissan Maxima front wheel drive cars. When running 22, 24, 26 or 28 inch rims, the tire can come in contact with the lower strut mount. The additional lift height will also allow you avoid major trimming of your fenders.


Complete package can be installed yourself

Complete kit with everything you need to lift the car including a detailed instruction manual showing how to install lift struts. Most people could handle installation with hand tools and a floor jack. We have sold and installed many of these kits and they work awesome when installing big wheels. The ride quality and handling is similar to stock.


Lifetime warranty for a lifetime of trouble free use

We offer a lifetime warranty on the struts to be free from manufacturer defects.


Some notes about the struts

Note: These struts are custom built to order. We usually ship the lift struts out the next business day after ordering, however we do ask that you allow up to 5 business days for order processing. If you need the struts sooner, please give us a call and we will help any way possible.