06-11 Crown Victoria, Marquis & Town Car Extended Rear Trailing Arms

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UCL tubular adjustable rear trailing control arms for 2006-2011 Ford Crown Victoria, Mercury Grand Marquis and Lincoln Town Car. These arms are designed to be used when lifting your car to keep the rear axle centered in the wheel well and to keep your drive shaft angle correct. The trailing arms will keep your wheel / stance looking correct and will also prevent you from breaking u-joints.


Extended and adjustable up to 3 inches over stock

Arms have up to 3 inches of adjustment over stock. OUR REAR ARMS ARE HANDS DOWN THE STRONGEST OUT THERE! Built out of ridiculously oversize massive 3/16″ wall 1 3/4″ diameter DOM tube they are rated for over 1000hp! Will work with our UCL universal spring lift kits and all other brand kits/springs in 3″ up to 12″ lifts.


Lifetime warranty with a durable heavy duty black powder coated finish

Durable black powder coat finish and lifetime warranty come standard. You will need to reuse your stock bushings or purchase new ones. Remember to add the bushings! Most shops and customers agree that the installation time and stress levels are greatly reduced when you have us INSTALL the bushings. Simply select the option that says “Installed In Kit”.


Complete kit available

These rear trailing arms can be purchased as part of a complete suspension kit for this application that is custom designed specifically for the vehicle. The kit includes front and rear arms, strut spacers, lift cups and lift shocks.


Important information about UCL adjustable trailing arms

Universal Car Lifts extended length adjustable trailing arms are designed to fit lifted vehicles. As a result, they are 1″-2″ longer than stock at their shortest, and can be adjusted up to 3″-4″ longer than stock. Our trailing arms will ensure that the drive shaft and rear wheels are positioned correctly on vehicles with between 3″ and 12″ of suspension lift.



  • “Not Included” = You will need to get your own Bushings from a part store.
  • “Included In Kit” = The kit will come with the Bushings. You will need to install the bushings.
  • “Installed In Kit” = The kit will come with the Bushings INSTALLED!! Customers agree this is the best option.

Special note: This kit comes standard with 1 panhard/track bar- your car may have 1 or 2 panhard bars depending on engine size, year built, sub-model, etc. Be sure to select the option for an additional arm if needed. If you are unsure of how many arms you need, simply take a look under your car to determine its configuration.