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Hot Rod Magazine Pit Stop Tech Article

  • UCL lift spacer cups featured in Hot Rod Magazine.
  • UCL lift spacer cups featured in Hot Rod Magazine.

Hot Rod Magazine recommended us in this article talking about lift spacer cups for coil spring suspension systems. Universal Car Lifts sells a variety of lift spring booster cups for most vehicles on the road. We have 3 inch and 5 inch lift cups available, as well as custom size configurable cups built to any dimensions. Not sure how much lift you need? Check out our adjustable lift cups. With a threaded body, these lift cups can be adjusted to any height.

Lift spacers install under the coil spring to give your spring an additional boost. Installation is pretty straight forward. Simply remove the stock spring, install the lift cup under the spring and reinstall in to the vehicle. We recommend running longer extended shocks after installing the cups. Very often, the stock shock absorber is not long enough to provide proper dampening.

Spring boosters are not just for donks. If you are looking to give your ride a raked look, where the rear is higher than the front, we can do that too. Want to off-road your car? Our kits are built out of rugged heavy duty steel to ensure maximum durability. We use larger diameter and thicker steel than most truck lifts. Most UCL parts are finished in a durable black powder coat finish for years of trouble free use. Beware of other companies who send out spray painted parts that will quickly rust. Demand the highest quality for your ride.

Have a question? Wondering how much lift you need or what kit works best on your car? Contact us today to find a solution. Our friendly team would love to help!