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Gumball 3000 Race Around the World

UCL recently sponsored the first donk in the world to compete in the coveted Gumball 3000 rally.

What is the Gumball 3000 rally? The event is world known and features some of the most exotic vehicles on the planet. Everything from Lamborghini Adventadors to highly customized muscle cars complete a long distance car rally often spanning multiple days and continents. Held yearly since 1999, hundreds of super car owners have grouped together to drive around the world for the Gumball 3000 rally. This 3,000 mile cross country rally takes place on public roads. The participants often race to the finish to see who is officially crowned king of the street.

Between the long distance legs of the journey, participants sleep at luxury hotels and pop champagne at some of the hottest nightclubs. The event is invite only and costs a whopping $50k just to attend! Because of these strict guidelines, the event is only open to the owners of some of the worlds most elite customized automobiles.

Hollywood movie producer Imani Shakur recently had the opportunity to run a leg of the Gumball Rally in his highly customized 1973 Chevy Donk convertible. His ride features 26″ DUB wheels with a big block Chevy providing the power to keep up. A Universal Car Lifts 7 inch complete lift kit provides the car with a smooth and stable ride. The donk ran the rally flawlessly, keeping the power to the ground and keeping up with some incredible super cars.

Seeing the donk parked on Hollywood Boulevard was quite a site to behold. Seeing the super car owners appreciate the work that went in to the car really made the effort worth while. We couldn’t be happier to support Imani and everything he has done. His cars are always clean and he always has a great story to tell. Check out his ride, along with pro skate boarder Felix Arguelles 1975 white drop top donk, in Rides Magazine.