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    Get Lifted: King of the Street the Movie

    We recently had the opportunity to work with a movie production company in Hollywood that is working on a new full length feature film about the donk racing scene. “King of the Street” is a movie about an American donk street racer nick named “Quarter Mile”. Q was involved in the Miami street racing scene until his best friend dies tragically in an accident. Quarter sinks into a long deep depression and eventually finds help back in to society when he mentors a young aspiring donk street racer, who comes to him to escape the gritty streets of Miami’s Liberty City.

    The movie is going to feature many hip hop artists who themselves own and drive these donks on a daily basis. The cast includes the likes of world famous rappers DJ Khaled, Rick Ross and Paul Wall. Actor Noel G, who played Hector in the original The Fast and Furious movie, will also play a part in the movie. The famous cast will not only bring a highly tallented set of actors and musicians together, but will also help play a role in writing the sound track for the movie.

    Universal Car Lifts has worked directly with the main producer of the movie to help set up the various donks and other big bodied lifted street racing cars for the movie. Two of the main cars in the movie are a 1972 Chevy Caprice and a 1967 Chevelle, both fitted with UCL complete suspension kits.

    The kits include everything needed to get the wheels fitted to the car including lift springs, front control arms, rear trailing arms, lift spindles and extended length shock absorbers. It was important that the cars be built quickly to keep up with the production schedule. Universal Car Lifts keeps most parts in stock and ships most items when ordered same day. With overnight shipping options, the producers had the parts in-hand within 24 hours from ordering.


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